Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Lord I am slack! Sorry y'all! 
With all the holidays and stuff I've been MIA. Who knew two kids cost so much and were so much work! Things someone never told me!

So here's my conundrum. Lily is now 9 months old and she hates people. Either she REALLY takes after me or I have been keeping her cooped up too much. I'm hoping its the latter. She doesn't want to be held by anyone else. She puts her head into my armpit, gross I know, when someone says hello to her. And she cries when I leave the room. So now I'm looking at groups. I hate everything "mom" related. It's always full of those moms who wear their yoga pants (and look good in them), who have amazing husbands who do the laundry and work at Google and buy them huge 2 carat rings "just because". 
Ok. So that may not be all true but thats what I'm thinking is going to happen. So here are my options.

1. Gymboree.
Have you ever been or watched the videos online? I really think if there is a hell I will be a 7 month old child in a permanent gymboree class. You sing and play with your kid. And pay for it. uh, why? I can play with my kid here at home, in my yoga pants (that look horrid on) with my fake diamond ring, while the laundry is drying and my husband is working a long day again at some other techie place.
no thank you

2. Stroller Moms
This is a group that meets at the park and as you can probably guess, exercise with babe in stroller.
One word.
 no thank you

3. Chucking kid in the YMCA daycare while I pretend to workout
She'll be exposed to other kids (germs, but this is a plus) and other grown ups.
I get alone time. Sure I have to walk on a treadmill, but I can listen to gangsta rap on my headphones, read a tabloid magazine, and wear my comfy pants. 
This may be the winner. 

And don't give me side eye because I've been slack. I'll try to do better, mom.