Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's the Simple Things.

I complain a lot. I know this. I've always been like that. And I've never really been the glass half full kind of girl.
It's really hard being pregnant...and 3000 miles away from family and friends....and a housewife whose husband works a lot....but I'm going to write down a few of the simple things that make me happy and get me through the day.

1) Pajamas. I could wear them all day. Especially now that 99% of my clothes don't fit me anymore.
I got new ones last night at Target. They are oversized, one piece, and absolutely hideous. My husband asked me this morning if the outhouse was cold this morning (because I look like a pioneer). They take 10 minutes to take off to go pee, which I do a lot of,make my pregnant tummy look even more pregnant, and are teal and dark blue, and go great with my big fuzzy slippers. And I LOVE them.

2) Crock Pots. I could not live without my crock pot. It's great. We used to go out to eat (my favorite thing to do) when I was too tired to cook, and now I can just put some stuff in and let it sit all day. It fills the house up with the greatest smells too! I have an aversion to just about every smell out there right now.

3) Cinnamon Apple Candles. Speaking of smells...I love the Glade ones that are at Target. They smell like SC in the fall. When the leaves are red, orange, and breathtaking. I miss that. And these candles give me a hint of it all the way out here in Cali.

4) Baby Stuff. For some reason all I have to do is pick up a onesie or smell baby powder and I am overtaken with a great sense of euphoria. I'm not one of those people who love babies even when I"m not pregnant. I don't know what to do with them half the time. Parker will be 7 on Sunday so I'm kind of going at this pregnancy as if it's my first. But the smell and the sense of a baby is so wonderful to me right now. I'm in love. Maybe that's why people have so many children? It's a way to be in love for the first time again over and over. The thought of this baby, and the relationship it's going to have with Parker is what drives me. I hope they have the same wonderful relationship as me and my sister do. I couldn't live without her. And I'm excited to see my husband, who's an only child and has no concept of what its like to have a sibling. He's in for some fun.

and finally

5) Food. I know I know. I'm pregnant, so food will most definitely be on my list. I have a secret...I ate two breakfasts this morning. And I don't feel guilty. I was hungry! I've been tracking my weight because I gained so much with Parker and I don't want to do that again. It's not healthy. But sometimes you just have to indulge. And one of them was a bowl of Special K...and that doesnt even count when you're dieting! My other is MONGOLIAN food!!!!! I have a spice addiction right now and the only cure is Mongolian. It's so spicy and delicious and you can pick what you want to eat! I literally could eat it every single day.

So there it is. See I'm not such a ogre. Although if you see me in my pajamas you might think otherwise :)


  1. Oh man, I almost messaged you and Andria to see if you wanted to hit up the Mongolian Grill this week because its been sounding good to me. Well, if you are up for it sometime, let me know. :)