Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Godzilla!!!!!

Hi everyone!
I know it's been awhile since I posted last. We went back to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. It was refreshing feeling like a liberal again.
I didn't gain the 20 pounds I was sure I would down south, but I did eat just about everything in sight. Red eye gravy and biscuits are God's gift to me.
I'm 22 weeks now, and I feel about 8 months pregnant. I'm freakishly huge! I was with Parker as well. It's my unusually shaped uterus. It's a bicornuate uterus, which is heart shaped. So everytime, and I mean EVERY TIME I make an appointment or go to the doctor a nurse says, "oh wow! you have a bicornuate uterus! That's so rare! Wow!". Yes, I'm a freak I know. I sometimes tell them I only want the best for my unborn baby and am letting it live in a luxury penthouse uterus while gestating. It's the honeymoon suite. Plenty of space for stretching out your legs...
Anyway, it does make me look bigger than I am. I have a favorite green shirt right now and had my picture taken in it yesterday. Now I realize I look like Godzilla in this shirt and may not wear it again. I live in a predominately Asian population and don't want to cause a stir. That's another thing! When I pick up Parker from school, it never fails that I see a beautiful Asian lady with a 2 month old baby and she looks like she's never eaten an ounce of fat or lost a nights sleep in her life! I may ask what the trick is one day, but without the green shirt.

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  1. I just about died laughing at the frightening the Asians line. Great post, Devin.