Thursday, January 6, 2011

I went to Whole Foods today. I don't normally shop there because it's ridiculously expensive!
When did hippies start making so much money?
Anyway, I want to be rich so I can shop there all the time. I live in a town that is not exactly full of nice people. Especially for someone from the South where people are nice even if you aren't.
Back to Whole Foods, I was allowed in the door first by a nice young lady who gave me the, "aw look at you pregnant lady" look. Then right beside the organic, picked by well paid farmers, and no-pesticides, blah blah blah...there he was...Brad Freaking Pitt. I stopped in my tracks. This guy (who was not surrounded by children so obviously not the real Brad Pitt) must get this reaction a lot because he smiled and laughed at me a little. Not a "you dumb ass" laugh, a "I know, I look like him, it's ok" laugh.
Throughout the entire time I was there, everyone was super nice. But not in being paid to be nice way. Just nice. It was refreshing. I could spend hours in there. It's my little getaway. I know I usually spend 20 minutes looking at the spices alone. And then the CHEESE!! yum.

People think I'm crazy because I don't like the smell of glass cups. They are gross. It smells like detergent and old milk. And it's not just mine, it's everyones. I am also the girl that has always covered an open glass if someone farts around me while I'm drinking. Who wants fart smell in their tea? I've been using two plastic cups from Wendy's for about 6 months now. So to please my husband, sister, and my weird smell aversions I found a plastic reusable cup. It looks just like one from a restaurant or convenience store (personal favorite plastic cup brand). It even has a cute handlebar mustache on it.

so there you and funny smells...isn't that what pregnancy is really about?

the plastic mustache cup.


  1. Reusable plastic cups are all the rage now. A bunch of ladies from my church carry huge starbucks ones that are thick plastic with thick plastic straws. I'm kind of jealous, actually. I want a plastic cup.

  2. You are too funny sweetie!!! Funny ~ We love whole foods but only get to go on occasion & I'm complete opposite on the plastic cups. I HAVE TO HAVE GLASS ~ real glass!!! Cannot stand plastic cups!! I hate when out & order $2 tea when comes in plastic cups (mattys,mama penns, etc)rather it just be in styrofoam ~ bad enough for the planet. Love u girl & miss you all very much. Hey to Parker,James & soon to be Lillian!